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Las Palmas by the Sea All Inclusive

For all of us at Las Palmas by the Sea, it’s essential that our guests delight themselves through all their senses and that’s why food is so important to us. Only the freshest ingredients in Puerto Vallarta will come together to create an extraordinary dish that will leave you wanting for more.

Any of our four restaurants will offer you a high quality food in an ambiance that will adapt to a family gathering and a romantic date as well.

At Guacamajazz and Fusión you’ll find the best of international food and the most creative dishes in Mediterranean cuisine in an only adults atmosphere.

Aires de Mar is the third of our restaurants where you’ll be able to enjoy our incredible buffet full of seafood, salads, desserts and many delicious dishes more.

And finally, we have our beach bar Snack by the Sea which offers what we crave the most when we get out of the waves: comfort food! Fried tacos, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, pizza, nachos, burgers, french fries and ceviches. Absolutely delicious!

Open from 12:00 am to 5:00 pm

And if relaxing and having a laid back talk with a cocktail in your hand is your thing, you have to visit our Hurakenna bar from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm.
Guacamajazz Restaurant


A la carte, international menu, exclusively for adults
Fusion Restaurant


A la carte, Mediterranean food menu.
Aire de Mar Restaurant

Aires de Mar

Buffet restaurant, variety of dishes, salads, desserts, drinks
Snack by the Sea

Snack by the Sea

Tacos, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, pizza, nachos, hamburgers, French fries and other delicious foods.